2D Pearl Scanning Options

Early Scan - £60

We can offer early scans from 7 weeks (3 weeks after you’ve missed your period). Routine first NHS scans are offered from 12 weeks and this can feel like a long wait. An early scan can confirm a pregnancy is in the right place and that the baby has a heart beat. This scan takes around 15 minutes and you are advised to fill your bladder.

We have the facility to carry out transvaginal scans when needed.

Includes 2 pictures

Reassurance Scan - £60

If you’re 12 weeks or over and just need that extra peace of mind we can offer a scan to show you babys heart beat and movements. This will not include growth measurements. This scan will not show baby in 3D and will take about 10 minutes.
Includes 2 pictures

Sexing Scan - £60

If you simply cannot wait to find out if you are having a boy or a girl, a sexing scan can be offered from 16+ weeks. As for all scans (including NHS) the gender of the baby cannot be guaranteed. For stubborn babies, who we struggle to see the sex, a rescan may be offered incurring a small admin fee. This scan takes around 15 minutes.
Includes 2 pictures

Twin sexing scan - £75

Growth Scan - £65

From 24 weeks we can measure baby to see how it is growing. It’s reassuring to know baby is growing at the correct rate especially if you feel particularly small (or large!)
Includes 2 pictures

Presentation Scan - £60

From 34 weeks we can offer a presentation scan in order to determine which way round baby is lying.
Includes 1 pictures
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