We have worked hard to come up with a new plan enabling us to reopen the clinic whilst maintaining customer and staff safety. For more up to date information click below:

Pearl Scanning premises offer everything you need for your special scan experience.
Located on the edge of the Croft retail park, Bromborough- it will be so easy to pick up some baby treats straight after your scan… pink or blue?
Easy to find and free parking onsite:
Thursby House
CH62 3PW
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Enquiries: 0151 346 2045
Bookings: 07759 244 040

About us

Do you want to follow your baby through each stage of your pregnancy?

Pearl Scanning offers a range of baby scans from early reassurance to sexing scans and the latest in 3D/4D baby scanning.

Delivered in a clean relaxing environment with the utmost of professionalism and high quality images for you to take home as a special memento.
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Thank you for my scan and all the lovely pictures. I wish you every success in your new venture.
Mrs L Syvret
Pearl Scanning Ltd data protection and privacy policy 2018

In accordance with new GDPR regulations we wish to reassure all our clients that we would only ever share your personal information with third parties if a medical report issued by ourselves is taken to your own GP, midwife or early pregnancy unit for further management/ review.

Pearl Scanning retain your email address and contact number for the sole purpose of sending payment invoices and receipts. We would only contact you if there is a query with payment or should your appointment need to be rearranged.

We never store payment card details and always use the secure payment solutions offered by PayPal.

Information we have will be stored throughout its existence in an environment suited to its format and security classification, to ensure its preservation from physical harm or degradation and its security from loss or damage.

Any unused reports or scan images not taken by our clients are shredded immediately.

Information in all formats will be stored in conditions that protect it from threats to its physical integrity through unnecessary wear and tear.

Information will be stored in systems that enable it to be readily identified and retrieved throughout its existence.

Physical access to information will be restricted by locking it in the scan room, in a locked cabinet, and by ensuring that files and computer monitors are not left open to general or casual view.

Password- protection is used for storage of digital files and data.

Where information is stored on a mobile device (e.g. PDA, USB drive, laptop), special care is taken taken to ensure that the device is physically protected from theft, loss, or damage.

The retention period for all of the categories of information held by Pearl Scanning Ltd is 2 years. This applies to information in all formats and systems, and to both original and duplicate information.

Information will be removed from storage by destruction.